Improving web content governance

Saint Joseph’s University adopted a “By Review” content production model where content production is distributed among site managers, but the Marketing and Communications Team’s web content specialist acts as an advisor, content strategist, and publisher. 


June - September 2021


Web content specialist (me), director of digital marketing, associate director of communications


Airtable, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, SiteImprove

The problem

Site managers were not consistently evaluating or updating their content because it was hard to keep track of what they needed to change and when.

How might we help site managers be more proactive about evaluating or updating their content?


Creating a clear, simple process for updating and tracking content will help reduce the time it takes for site managers to find, evaluate and update web content. This will help us maintain content quality, relevancy, accuracy and consistency across

We’ll know this is true when we see them consistently evaluating and/or updating the content they are responsible for without the web team needing to remind them.

Outline of the process I created

What I did

Tracker I set up in Airtable


Through this work, we were able to reduce the time it takes to find, evaluate and update priority web content so the team can recommendations and support stakeholders more quickly

Other highlights: