One coop at a time: 'Rent the Chicken' promises fresh eggs without the commitment

Photo submitted by Rent the Chicken.

Photo submitted by Rent the Chicken.


Lisa Stevenson never thought renting out hens would be part of her and her husband Steve’s retirement plan.

She saw a TV program on somebody renting out their chickens a few years ago and thought it was a cool business idea. But with a full-time job then, it wasn’t something she could pursue.

The idea popped into her head again last April. By then, she was retired, so she went online, Googled “rent chickens” and found “Rent The Chicken,” a company that gives people the chance to experience owning backyard hens or hatching chicks without the commitment of keeping them.

Now, Lisa and Steve are affiliate partners with Rent The Chicken, making their own hens available for six-month rentals starting in May to those who want farm-fresh eggs in Syracuse and the rest of Central New York.

“A lot more people are concerned about where their food is coming from, so they will actually have a way to get fresh chicken eggs, know what they’re eating and how they’re cared for,” Lisa explained.

She said that renting is a great option for people in the area because of its severe winters. “Chickens are difficult to take care of in the winter,” she said. “But I take care of that for them. All they have to do is have the chickens from spring through fall.”

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